Monday, 29 May 2017

Energy - I've Got The Power!

We have launched into our next round of Immersion entitled Energy! First of all we posed the question 'What is Energy?'  We recorded our initial thinking on hexagons and then looked to see if we could make connections and link our thinking with other people's thinking. They are currently displayed on our Learning Journey so take a look the next time you are walking past.

We will spend the next few weeks rotating through activities based around the following Scientific Areas.

Planet Earth and Beyond - Papatuanuku
Material World - Kitchen Chemistry
Physical World -  Forces
Living World - What Am I?

This coming Thursday we will be going to the Auckland Zoo to support our learning around animal classification and how the different species gather and use energy.

Below is a sample of the shared texts that have been coming home to support our Immersion learning as well as our Reading.  These are very important so please make sure they find their way to your child's Shared Text Folder.  They are great to read with your child and should generate some great scientific discussions and spur some scientific exploration at home!

PAPATUANUKU - Temperature

KITCHEN CHEMISTRY - Solids, Liquids and Gas