Friday, 2 June 2017

Immersed in Energy

What a super week in LC2!

Our immersion learning has been pretty full on with the children taking part in their first rotation with Elizabeth, Kerry or Reid. Then Thursday saw us all head off to Auckland Zoo where we investigated Animal Classification with some great learning about how animals use energy.

As part of a discussion today the student's have begun to question whether keeping animals in a zoo is appropriate. They held many excellent but different views and we have asked them to talk with their families as we know there will be a range of opinions, if you have the opportunity please share your ideas and encourage them to think about this issue. Consider these views from some of our class: 

"I like looking at the animals and seeing them eat". 
"Its making animals sadder without their mums"
"I don't really like the animals in the zoos because their spaces are small than they would have in the wild, because animals like to run around".
"I think its bad because they might die because they don't like their environment"
"I think its good and bad, for the good its because they're being protected, its bad because they're separated from their family. So I think its good and bad, so a normal place".


We're starting a new rotation next week, so all children will be moving onto one of the aspects, that is either Sun & Solar Energy, Kitchen Chemistry, or Forces. The children have been highly engaged and this is leading to more questions, writing and discussion within the class.

Have a great long weekend, and we'll see you all on Tuesday.