Sunday, 11 June 2017

Tutira Mai Nga Iwi

A few weeks ago a group of students got together to brainstorm how we could bring more te reo into LC2. They came up with some purposeful and fun ways for us to do this.

One point that they felt was important was to bring waiata (singing) into our common. Consequently Charlee, Kate, Ani, and Danielle have begun leading LC2 through learning Tutira mai nga iwi.

We have been filming some of our singing and reflecting on how we participate as individuals and work as a group during these times. We have started reflecting on how we can work as a group even better, and have come up with some great points.

First we focussed on just learning the words. When we first filmed ourselves, our students noticed that some of us weren't singing and were instead just 'mouthing the words'. We reflected that we wouldn't sound very good if we weren't all singing. We are now all singing as one.

Once we felt we were getting better at singing the words, we wanted to add in some actions so that it would be more interesting for others to watch and more enjoyable for us to participate in. We had a few practises at incorporating the actions and then filmed ourselves again.

This time our students reflected that while we were all doing the actions, we all need to get better at doing them in time to the music and in time with each other. Watch this space for further improvement!