Sunday, 19 November 2017

PINs and Show work

Week 5 was another crazy week. The kids are preparing some great PINs workshops these days and the conversations they've been having to support each other and provide constructive criticism for our performance work has definitely moved up a notch. The following are snapshots of the week in LC2.

Pizza making was led by Sarah, thanks for coming in to do this.
Mason & Jayden doing measurement for the costumes for the show.
PINs workshop - Researching Space

Paper Maiche to make props for the show - Moa bones....
More pizza making.
Riding our bike safely was led by Alfie

Addison & Tekoja doing measurement also.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Parent Information Evening

Thank you to all of those that came along to the parent information evening a couple of weeks ago. As promised, here are the presentations that were offered by the LC2 Team.

(Presented by Elizabeth and Max)

(Presented by Kerry and Reid)