Sunday, 22 November 2015

Issy's writing inspired by the Google Expedition

One hot, sunny day there were two science girls that wanted to go snorkelling.

So they went snorkelling. They asked their uncle if they could use his boat and shark cage and stuff like that.

They put their togs on and dived into the shark cage. A few seconds later they saw a BIG!!! shark. They were really cool and AMAZING!!!

Google Expedition by Kate

Google Expedition
On the 17 of November 2015 there was a box and in that box there was a
phone that teleports you on the spot.

First I went to a city full of big buildings and someone was sitting down next to you. I felt scared looking down.

Then we went to the moon. It was covered in rocks and in the distance you could just make out a moon buggy. The buggy was a creamy
colour with leather seats.
Finally we went to the Buckingham Palace. It was full of antique stuff.
My favourite place was the Taj Mahal because it had lots of detail on the walls.

At the end I felt AMAZING because I got to see all the places I’ve never seen before.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Student led workshops were awesome today

What a great range of student led workshops on offer today, we had creating weather art, drawing pineapples, origami, Scratch Junior, making poi, how to play chess, tennis and touch rugby. It was great to be able to share our skills with students from LC1.

E rere taku poi

This morning we were lucky to have Leila's mum come in to help run a workshop on poi making, tino ataahua e tamariki ma :)


This morning James and Miki led a workshop on touch rugby. They got into the swing of things with a haka, ka mau te wehi e tama!


This morning James and Miki led a workshop on touch rugby. They started their game with  a haka, Ka mau te Wehi!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Louise has been playing around with some animation...

Google Expedition

Yesterday LC2 went to LC5 to do some Google Expedition which was really cool!!!

We went to a graveyard, a soccer field, forest, cave, moon, space and more!!! We saw a gigantic beetle, a python and a bat. Michael was a great teacher.

P.S I want to go again!

The goggles that we were using looked a bit weird but they were awesome!!! They used a cellphone and some card board to make the goggles, cool huh?!?!?!?!

My favourite place was the cave because there was a weird  looking old man smiling there.

I liked Google Expediton because it was fun and interesting.