Saturday, 13 May 2017

Worm Farm Project Group Update

What an exciting week it has been for the worm farmers this week!! We carried out some research about worms using the skills we had learnt in our How To Research and Make Notes workshop.  We certainly found out some interesting facts!

In preparation for Darryl coming to build the base and lid for the worm farm we explored Measurement as we realised that we would need to be able to measure accurately in able to make a base and lid that fit properly. We investigated non standard and standard measurements and found out what a prediction is.  We then went about measuring different objects in our classroom accurately after having made a careful prediction.

On Wednesday Joshua's Dad Darryl came into school to help us start building the Worm Farm.  We were all very keen to get outside, roll up our sleeves and get involved.  There was lots of measuring, sawing, holding in place, problem solving and painting taking place. Check it out!






Unfortunately the bad weather has hampered our efforts to get the painting finished but we are hoping that we will be finished by the end of the week and ready for our worms.  A big thank you for Darryl for donating all of the materials and giving up his time to come in and work with the children.  We think a Worm Farm is a great addition to Hobsonville Point Primary School.

Our resident work farm expert, Anna (Starr's Mum) came back in this week also to answer some more of our questions and help us be ready to welcome our worms.  The children practised their note taking skills and demonstrated that they have learnt a great deal since the project began.