Sunday, 22 March 2015

Week 6 and Week 7 Term 1

Hi Families,

It is hard to believe that the end of term is firmly in sight!!  Our block of Immersion under the banner of Inventive Thinking has come to a close and five project based learning groups have emerged as a result.  Please look out for emails home as we ask for your help and expertise as well as any contacts you may have to assist us in our projects.

  • The Town Planners
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Inventing Recipes
  • The Outside Area
  • Wearable Art

What else have we been up to over the past couple of weeks?????

Literacy in Action!!

Following our passions!  Zoe's research and clay plane based around her reading on Amelia Earhart.

Focussed, targeted follow up reading activities.

Independent reading of our Immersion resources.

Meaningful spelling activities set to challenge!

Maths in Action!!

Continuing on with our work in Statistics, we have been creating bar graphs as a way of presenting data that we have collected.
We have investigated probability by flipping a counter with different coloured sides and rolling a dice.
A fun game of Uno with our friends.  Great for collaboration and maths skills!

Working on word problems.  We wrote on a post it note how we got the answer to show that problems can be solved in different ways.


We have persevered with our close observational drawing over the past few weeks with some amazing results.  I think a beautiful bunch of flowers helped!

What do we do on a Thursday??

Here we are working with Anna during our Art session.  We are so lucky that she brings in amazing resources for us to work with really helping us to get our creative juices flowing!!

Sharing our Treasures

 Thank you to all of you who have brought in your treasures to share with us.  This is always a busy and popular space in the common.  Freya and Kaylana did some great research on Friday, identifying some of the rocks and crystals that we have on display.

Our Trip to the Secondary School
Our interest in Rocks has continued so we went to the secondary school to visit Danielle who is a rock expert!!!  We carried out three different experiments-

  • Creating a solution with calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid
  • Testing the porousness of different types of rocks
  • The streak test-looking at hard and soft rocks
The absolute highlight was making a crystal out of a copper sulphate and water solution that has been saturated and heated.  See the last photo!!  The children can still hardly believe it!!!!  

Following on from our day with Carole Dweck, Guy Claxton and Jamie Fitzgerald, we have created a 'Quote Wall' as a way of sharing what we learnt with the children.  There is a range of contributors, including Miss Layla Marnewick!!!  I saw this at the secondary school and thought it was worth adding!!

And finally....... a photo of us on Animal Dress Up Day!

Have a great week everyone!