Friday, 6 March 2015

Week 3 Term 1

Hi Families,

This week we have been busy participating in our Ignition Days for Immersion. All the workshops have been linked to our overarching theme, Inventive Thinking.  The skills that run alongside Inventive Thinking are - 

  • Adaptability and managing complexity
  • Self-direction
  • Curiosity, creativity and risk taking
  • Higher order thinking and sound reasoning
Check out these photos to see the different workshops.

Design Challenge with Reid
The children were challenged to create with boxes!  It was wonderful to see the range of ideas they came up with and their ability to collaborate successfully with others.

Colour Experiments with Rosie
The children explored different experiments, all involving colour.  They looked at what happens when you introduce washing up liquid to milk and food colouring, how dye and water mix and how to make a colour explosion using baking soda, vinegar and food colouring.

Mask Making with Anna
The children looked at different examples of masks and were presented with a range of materials to create their own.

Design Challenge with Ann
The children were given a range of materials like toothpicks and pipe cleaners and challenged to come up with an invention.  They were also given a piece of A4 paper with one line and a squiggle drawn on it.  They then had to base their picture around them.

Goop with Kerry
We explored solids, liquids and gases, brainstorming examples and using each other to illustrate the movement of molecules and atoms in each!!  We then followed instructions to make goop, a non-newtonian fluid as it acts like a liquid when poured but acts as a solid when force is acting on it.  What fun we had getting really messy!

Sandwich Making with Amy
The children enjoyed experimenting with and tasting different flavour combinations to put in their sandwiches.  It was great to see them willing to taste new things.

The children really enjoyed the workshops and upon reflection generated some really great questions and wonderings some of which are below.  Take a look at our Immersion Journey Wall to see some more reflections and wonderings and watch this space as we begin to enter into our Project Based Learning Phase.

I wonder how when you have a jar of water and you put the food colouring in it makes it look like octopus legs.  I wonder what makes it spread out?  Caitlyn

I want to know what is it in the soap that makes the food colouring do that.  Aaren

I wonder how the colours exploded into a big star.  I think it might be that everything mixes together and creates a reaction.  Lucy

I wonder why the goop felt hard but slowly the particles let go and slipped through your fingers.  Layla

Can I add a motor to my cardboard car.  How?  William