Saturday, 4 April 2015

Week 8 and Week 9 Term 1

Hi Families,

We have reached the end of the term already!  Here is a taste of what we got up to in the last couple of weeks.

We have been working really hard on our narratives, some of us are still in the draft stage, some of us are already publishing our work in different ways. Watch this space for examples of our amazing work coming soon!

Spelling-We have been investigating what happens to words when you change them from singular to plural.  s, es or ies?  We had to choose an ending for given words and then try to come up with a rule for each ending.

We have had some fun with Statistics over the past couple of weeks.  We recorded a statement for Certain, Very Likely, Even Chance, Unlikely and Impossible.  We also enjoyed rolling two dice, making predictions and recording our results in a tally chart.

One of our old favourites, the blocks, have found their way into LC2!!!  Many of us have enjoyed creating  all sorts of buildings.  We have also had lego to work with over the past couple of weeks.

We have continued to develop our skills with watercolours, spending time copying a famous watercolour painting and painting some beautiful shells that Jody brought in.

Project Based Learning
Our projects are starting to get under way.  Look at what the Chemical Reactions and Town Planners have been up to.

The Chemical Reactions group have been busy in the kitchen making things fizz, foam and explode!!  We have been investigating what is causing the chemical reactions as well as having lots of fun and making a big mess!!

The Town Planners had the opportunity to visit Isthmus Architects this week in their city office. They designed our outside space at school, the local playground and a number of the houses in Hobsonville Point.  We had a meeting with one of the founding directors in their boardroom.  We listened to David tell us what it means to be an architect, share some drawings and models of Hobsonville Point and give us lots of helpful information about who and what is involved in creating a town.  He also gave us a great quote to add to our quote wall.  'Your first idea is usually not your best idea.'

What do we do on Thursdays?.....
Here we are working with Julia making music!

And finally......  finishing the term with a movie!  Happy Easter everyone!