Sunday, 26 March 2017

Reading Reading Reading!

Reading looks like many different things in LC2.  Below are just some of the ways that children engage in Reading whilst at school.  

Guided Reading
Your child will be participating in Guided Reading sessions with either Reid, Elizabeth or Kerry two, three or four times a week. (Depending on which colour/level they are currently working at).  This session has a particular teaching focus such as chunking words, using meaning clues, phrasing and expression or inferential comprehension etc.  Sometimes it will have a follow up activity that supports the teaching focus.  The children complete this activity independently.  These books come home with your child and it is imperative that they are read at home.

Other Reading Sources
We have been introducing the children to other reading sources over the past few weeks.  One of these is Wonderopolis  

Wonderopolis is a fun-filled destination that provides a fascinating outlet for curious kids of all ages!  Learning, discovery and curiosity are encouraged and the concept of sharing the experience with family members is strongly encouraged.  Highlights include Wonder of the Day, key words and fast facts.

Kiwi Kids News is another site that we have been using during our target reading sessions.  It includes both national and international news articles which are brief, fact filled and can form the basis for great discussion and development of comprehension.

Immersion/Project Based Reading
Occasionally your child will bring home reading that is linked to either the Immersion or Project phase.  It will come home in your child's Shared Text Folder and is a great way for you to keep up with where your child is at with their learning in this area.

Daily Priority Reading Task
Everyday there will be a Reading Priority for your child to plan into their day. This might look like exploring a selection of non fiction books and recording facts to investigating different spelling patterns.

Oxford Owl is a website that your child can plan to use during the week to support their learning in Reading.  This would be a great activity to do at home. Log in details are below -

Other Ways to Support Your Child's Reading
Visit your local library regularly and borrow a range of books.  Your child can read to you, alongside you and be read to by you!  It is also great to read to read to younger siblings.

Happy Reading Everyone!