Saturday, 11 March 2017

Money, Money, Money!

We have had a wonderful week of new learning in LC2 this week!

We have been exploring how we interact with the economic world this week through a wide range of different learning opportunities.

We were lucky enough to have some ASB "Captain Cashtastic" superheroes come to our school to recruit our children into being Cashtastic superheroes as well. 

We have been delving further into understanding the difference between a need and want as we got into groups to discuss where we may place some basic items. You can encourage your child to reflect on this when you go out shopping by asking them to categorise certain items in your trolley.

We have been talking about saving some of our pocket money each week in order to save up for things that we really want, and have been exploring this concept further by solving some challenging mathematical word problems. 

Our biggest challenge this week has seen our children attempt to plan and budget for a pretend morning tea for our common. This has seen us start to think about ways in which to save our money and make it stretch further. It also opened up a whole load of doors to new learning opportunities for the very near future so watch this space!