Monday, 22 February 2016

The Castle On The Hill by Luke

Once in a far away land there was a castle on a hill. This hill made joy to the village next to the castle. But the house closest to the castle had a preposterous man in it. This man tried to steel the crown jewels every day. Today he tried something different but as always he failed.

It was a sunny day in the village. The army was getting ready to take off. The villagers had no idea that the army was surprising the princess for her birthday she forgot all about her birthday. And she nearly forgot about the invitations for her friends. While she was asleep the villagers were getting ready to party. So when she woke up everyone acted like they forgot about it. She started to sigh then started to make the cards as she cried. When she got out of the castle she got suprised!!!!!!!!

They shouted happy birthday so you didn't forget as she opened the door. And they all settled down on the couch.