Thursday, 30 July 2015

Students Blogs from Week 2

Market Day, by Zachariah
On Wednesday I went to Market Day at the High School. I was on the Town Planners stall. I got some bath bombs for my Nan and I was showing the foam board houses. That's what I did at the Market Day.

Market Day, by Zoe
On Wednesday I went to the Market Day, It was the time I was at the market. Firts I went to the concert, it was really musical. Next I bought a few things. I bought an Orio milkshake and some cookies the food group made. My favourite bit was when I helped the Chemical Reactions group sell their bath bombs for two Kids Can cash. It was really fun. All the bath bombs sold out quickly. Luckily no-one turned out a different colour when they used the bath bombs. I had fun!!

Rangoli Art, by Kate

This week LC2 have been learning about Rangoli art. Rangoli art is a traditional kind of art from India. Everyone in LC2 has been enjoying it.