Sunday, 13 August 2017

Setting Descriptions

Our focus for Writing this term is Narrative.  So far we have looked at character descriptions and are now focussing on writing descriptions of our story settings. 

Below is a selection of our writing -

There is someone at the door.  I hear a growl.  It's a wolf.  A light comes on in the background.  Slime covers the house.  BANG!!!! on the door.  Someone is staring in the dark.  A face on a log.  The face on the log is the big bad wolf!

In the forest you can hear nothing except the river splashing.  The windows of a small stone cottage are glowing like the beautiful sea.  The growing flowers are like soft silk.

One sunny day the water was still.  There was a beautiful castle and a stunning bridge over the water.  The colour of the castle was white, green and pink.  The gardens were immaculate.  The birds were singing by the castle.  They sounded as smooth as silk.

The water was flowing down and splashing along the river.  The shiny rocks were floating down the river too.  The birds were singing in the sky that was as blue as the ocean.  The sun was shining down brightly.

In a place far away there was a patch of grass.  There were two tall trees. Suddenly one fell down while the other stood still.  A red bird landed on the highest branch.

On a sunny day an island from the middle of the ocean went UP UP UP UP UP to the clouds.....

On a sunny day the birds were chirping and the wind was blowing.  It just looked beautiful.  All the animals were happy to be here.  It was a gorgeous day and the water was glowing.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful and colourful castle on a bright, glowing hill with a wonderful rainbow.  There was a graceful white swan swimming on the lake in the sun.

Night was coming.  The river was freezing.  Trees were dying.  A boat was leaving.  It was dark under the bridge.  The rocks were surrounding the river.   The lights are on but no one is home.  There is a forest behind the house. Suddenly a shadow comes creeping out of the forest......
Isla H

In a forest far, far away there was a single bird on a tree.  The water was smooth.  All of a sudden a tree started to tumble....  Suddenly a huge robot came out of nowhere.....

The night was falling, the stars were shining.  A boat was coming to the cottage. The air fell still.  The only sound was the water splashing on the rocks.

I see a river with yellow lights hanging from the trees.  There is a stone bridge over the river.  I can hear the trees shaking in the wind.

It is dark.  No one lives here.  Suddenly there was a big bang!  The big bang went on for ages.  Bang!  Bang!  Bang!  The noise went on.  There is a face in the window......

One night, one house in the forest.  The opening of night time.  Next to the house there were a lot of trees and a river.  The leaves of the trees were like rainbows.

The wind was loud.  The trees were broken.  Houses were in the shadows.  The lights went off.  The trees are on the ground.  There is a river with a wooden bridge over it.  There are no clouds in the sky.  Bang!......