Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Nature Pirates

Hi we are the nature pirates from LC2, and we have been building a forest of nature. It all started when Lucy found a seed while we were eating lunch. Louise said "thats a kowhai seed, lets plant it." So then we found a whole lot of kowhai seeds and we planted them in pots so hopefully they will grow into Kowhai trees. Then we started finding little creatures living in some of the pots of dirt. We also found some old pea plant that had pea seeds in them so we planted them so they could grow. Andre found two peas that had already sprouted!!!! So we planted them too. We put some nice new soil in the pots and replanted some of the flowers that were looking a bit old. We also took some weeds out and did some watering.

Hopefully butterflies and bees will come and visit our garden. It would be cool to get some other plants we could plant. We even talked about making a worm farm aka known as Hungry Bin to put our food scraps in.

William, Caitlyn, Lucy, Yara, Layla, Sari, Leila, Luke, Ben, Tate, Andre, Hannah and Louise.

Chat soon!!