Friday, 1 August 2014

Term 3 Week 2


For narrative writing we have been looking at these resources. We have started writing our stories and giving each other feedback on what we have written.

Planning our narrative writing

Planet Design

Our wondering (immersion) has taken us on a journey to create our own planet. We are thinking about what kind of culture we want to create on our new planet.  Some are building a collaborative planet and are using Build with Chrome to make this.
Sharing our learning in the early stages to get thoughtful, helpful, specific feedback

I can give constructive feedback to others

This is one of the learner profile goals we have been working on. We have been giving each other kind, helpful, specific feedback to help with our learning. We enjoyed watching Austin's butterfly and seeing what is possible with the right feedback.

Giving feedback on writing using post-it notes 

The Portal is Open!

Our library space is open and ready for business.