Friday, 14 March 2014

Term 1, Week 6

Hi Everyone,

This week marked the start of our swimming lessons at The Swim Centre. These lessons are an awesome opportunity for the kids to not only learn to swim and gain confidence in the water, but also to experience risk taking and success in a new way. 

This week the students in LC2 had a range of different workshops they could opt into. Stop motion animation, art and hand sewing are a few examples of some new learning our students have been involved in. Get them to share these experiences with you. Their animations are available for you to see on our school iPads if your child would like to share theirs with you. 

In Learning Common 2 we are not having a signing book to record nightly reading but if you would like to keep a record at home, you are welcome to use this form to help you keep track. 
If you are unable to drag the template to your desktop or save the image, please email Erin or Amy to get a copy. 

Here are a few more photos from our week:

 Creative creature art 

  Fitness workshop

  Maths equipment experimentation
- all before 9am!